Giving every womxn a voice in the future.

A company spearheaded by an intergenerational team of BIPOC women, we are committed to creating new pathways for women into Web3 through engagement, education and empowerment.

The Web3 space should be more inclusive and diverse, and we're committed to making this happen.

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Genesis Collection

Our first ever limited edition NFT collection is inspired by the fierce, bold and brave women of the past, present and future.

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Key Information

Release Date of Genesis Collection - Spring 2022

Total Tokens in Genesis Collection - 250

Tokens Withheld from Sale - 10

Price Per Token - varies between auction and set price

Token Type -  ERC-721A

Blockchain - Ethereum

Number of Traits - 312 traits

How many are being created?

Total number of tokens being created is 2,022 and 10 will be used for airdrops, giveaways, and promotions! Our genesis collection includes 250 super rare #BadBitches!

How can I join the Women X Meta community?

You will become a member of our Women X Meta community once you purchase one of our #BadBitches NFTs!

Will there be a whitelist?

We will have a Vibe Check (Women X Meta exclusive White List) for future projects!

How many can I mint?

Each wallet can mint 5 #BadBitches NFTs. 

What is our commitment to community & giving back?

We are committed to not only giving back, but also bringing young, passionate, and talented individuals along with us on this journey.

We will do this through:

Charitable donations

Internship & returnship opportunities

Collaborations & partnerships

How can I use my NFT?

The limit does not exist! Visit here to uncover the value of our Women X Meta community and the ecosystem of support you gain access to!